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Laoura Gini

Laoura graduated from the National Conservatory in Athens (Diploma in classical piano and Advanced Musical Theory).She has participated in several concerts as a soloist and has performed for the Greek National Radio & Television.She composes for film and various audiovisual projects.She is co-founder of studioCrocus.

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Lea Binzer, Film Editor

Lea Binzer

Lea Binzer is a director and producer. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Aristotle University and has worked in the audiovisual field in Holland, Denmark and Greece.Her films have been screened at several festivals and cinemas around the world.She is co-founder of studioCrocus.

Stefania Mizara, Photographer

Stefania Mizara

Stefania Mizara studied Library Science, Literature and Photography.She has been working as a freelance photographer for the past eight years for Greek and French magazines and the Corbis and Bloomberg Press agencies.She has exhibited in Athens, Paris and Cairo in solo and group

Pasqua Vorgia

Pasqua Vorgia

Pasqua Vorgia is a documentary producer, writer and photographer.Her films have been screened at ERT (Hellenic Broadcasting Co.), WDR (German Public TV), the National Arts Club (New York), Mikrocosmos Cinema in Athens, etc.As a visual artist, she has exhibited her work in Athens and New

Georges Salameh

George Salameh

George Salameh studied film in Paris.He is a filmmaker, photographer and post production manager.He is co-founded of MeMSéA, a production company based in

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